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Yoga Saved My Life 

Since I was a child all I ever wanted to be was an athlete. Yet there I was, lying on a bed in Kelowna General Hospital being told I would never run again. I remember hysterically crying for days, as in one moment all of my dreams, goals and aspirations immediately dissipated. It was the worst night of my life.

Nearly 10 years ago, this was my reality. In a snowboarding accident at Big White, my friend and I collided. His snowboard was lodged halfway through my knee right below my knee cap, completely severing my patellar tendon. On the terrifying trip down the hill, the look on every person’s face told me I was in major trouble. Once at the hospital, they drilled holes in my knee cap and shin, attached my patellar tendon with wires, and put me in a full leg cast for a year.

That was a terribly frustrating year, being unable to take care of myself. Even worse was the day the cast was removed. I clearly remember sitting on that table telling my leg to move and not being able to move it. It was petrifying. My leg, that used to run, jump, win championships, and walk me through my life, remained perfectly still. I was consumed with grief and thoughts of never being able to walk again. With the help of my family I made it home and so began my long journey towards recovery.

Determined to overcome the odds set against me, I began my daily physiotherapy visits to improve movement in my leg. Slowly, the progress began. The day I was able to get my leg to compete a full cycle on a stationary bike was a glorious day, one I will never forget. I was soon able to drive and spent most of the next year at the YMCA swimming and running in the pool.

My leg was getting much stronger and I was seeing consistent improvements. I was recommended yoga as the next step in my recovery, something I had never tried. I wasn't flexible, could barely sit down cross-legged, and was very ambivalent towards yoga. Luckily I found yoga teachers, Sheila Chutskoff and Laura Martini, at Oranj Fitness. I would rarely practice yoga, but with their encouragement, support, and guidance, my practice evolved and I began to see results. Eventually, my yoga practice, swimming, personal training, and my own internal desire to conquer my injury, allowed me to run again.

My body was almost fully healed but my mind wasn't. I became bored with my career and found myself moving to Vancouver in search of something more. I found it at YYoga where I fell in love with hot yoga and eventually took my teacher training. There I learned that yoga was not just the physical stretching that had helped with my injury, but rather a lifestyle. Yoga was a way of thinking and living.

My life was forever changed. I appreciated the power of controlling my thoughts so they could materialize into actions and affect my life. The concept of Karma now made sense to me. Henry Ford said it best, "Whether you think you can or can't; you're right". Whether you look to the placebo effect in science, the teachings of Karma in religion, or even in the movie "The Secret", the idea is the same; you can influence your own destiny. Still, millions of people fail to take advantage of this simple tool.

I purchased this studio with the goal of helping others heal as I did. Yoga is an exceptional practice that has the ability to repair both your body and mind. It can increase cardio, lower body fat, reduce stress, and improve quality of life. We offer a full range of products and services such as foam rollers, massage, reiki and more. Come allow us to help you create positive changes in your life and your body at Karma Yoga + Fitness.